A Day in California

A Day in California was my first time-lapse project and is comprised of 10,000+ individual photographs, taken on beginner Canon equipment. It is the result of a year and a half of travel around Southern California to capture some of the wonderful and unique locations that this great state has to offer. To learn more about the story behind A Day in California, check out my Huffington Post interview.

The almost herky-jerky motion of the subjects make it seem like they’re toys at play, moving hither and thither on the screen amidst candy store lights. I wanna be there! I wanna be a toy!                                                                                              – Gizmodo

This video has been featured on CBS, NBC, Gizmodo, CNET, LAist, and many others. It is a Vimeo Staff Favorite, and received recognition by being #1 on Facebook, Google+, and Reddit.